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About Us

"Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge."
- Carl Sagan

Our Story


scienceSeeds is Born

Family Friendly, Hands-on Science Education

Right from the outset, we envisioned project-based learning and hands-on creation as the foundation of our endeavor. Recognizing a shortage of STEM resources that aligned with our vision we took matters into our own hands, conceiving original programs and designing unique projects.



We Open Our Studio

Expanding Beyond Our Walls

We partner with local schools, early childhood education centers and PTOs to bring our program to our community and beyond. We offer summer camps, birthday parties and scout badges. The unwavering support of our returning families fuels our efforts to develop an ever expanding repertoire of projects.



We Acquire Our First Laser Cutter

From X-Acto Knives and Cardboard to Birch Plywood

After countless nights dedicated to meticulously crafting kits by hands, testing and refining our projects we enter a new phase. We shift from manual kit making to cutting plywood, expanding our offerings and reaffirming our commitment to designing unique projects.



The scienceSeeds Store Launches

Transforming Classroom Designs to Product

Faced with Covid lockdowns, we pivot to supporting at-home STEM education. We focus on simplifying our kits, removing the need for glue in their assembly and providing clear illustrated assembly instructions. We commit to making great, well design, easy to assemble products with the least possible impact on our planet.


Our Mission

At scienceSeeds, we want to remind everyone that science goes beyond formulas and facts. We aim  to spark curiosity and cultivate a sense of awe in young minds. We know that learning science can be incredibly fun! That's why we are strong advocates for hands-on building and engaging experiments that truly bring science to life. Instead of just talking about gravity and trajectory, we get our hands dirty and build catapults to see those forces in action. We love to think outside the box.

At scienceSeeds, our aim is to empower children to embrace the journey of discovery, understanding that wrong answers are stepping stones to finding the right ones. Inspired by James Joyce, we embrace the idea that "Mistakes are the portals of discovery." We strive to make the process of exploring these portals as wondrous and exciting as possible.

Design Principles

Our STEM kits embody the “less is more” ethos. Through minimalist design, we’ve curated a collection defined by simplicity and elegance. Precision-engineered, press-fitted components enable young minds to delve into STEM without excess materials or intricate assembly.

Each package includes:
  • Illustrated instructions, ensuring a seamless, engaging experience.
  • Vibrant, flat packaging for convenient gifting and shipping.
woman owned


As a woman-owned family business, we take immense pride in upholding high standards of quality.


Precise Craftmanship

Before packaging, our stringent quality control ensures precise cutting and defect-free laser-cut products. 

No glue required

No Glue Required

Our strict tolerance control ensures that our kit components fit perfectly together without being too tight or too loose.

Dedicated to Sustainability

We manufacture all our kits in our studio and source packaging and materials from local companies.

At scienceSeeds, Our Hope is That Our Projects Will Always Inspire You.

Use code WELCOME10 to enjoy a 10% discount on your first order!


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