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Hexagon Puzzle

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Original Design


No Glue Required


Ready for a challenge? Try and arrange the 7 hexagons so that all touching sides have matching numbers? Select one hexagon and put it in the center. Place the six remaining hexagons around the center hexagon so that the numbers on the edges of the outside hexagons match the numbers on the edges of the adjoining hexagons. All the edges where the hexagons touch must have matching numbers.

Count the number of iterations you tried before solving! - Can you find more than one combination that works?A great gift for puzzle enthusiasts, budding engineering and anyone who loves a good challenge. Children and adults alike can try to figure this puzzle out.

Kit components
  • Laser-cut birch plywood pieces
  • Box (to be assembled) for storing the 7 hexagons
Additional information
  • Recommended for ages 8+
  • Customize your kit and decorate it with markers or paint (not included). When using paint try not to apply at the wood joints as this may make it difficult for the parts to fit smoothly.
  • In cases were components are loose, apply a small amount of glue to join. Masking tape or painters paint can help keep the parts in place while the glue dries. Do not apply glue to elements that need to be able to move!
  • Discounts available for large orders (10+) - contact us.
Size information
  • Assembled box is 3.5”w x 2”h
  • Each hexagon is made of 1/4” plywood and is approximately 2.8”h x 3.14w”
Build instructions

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Hexagon Puzzle

$35.00 Regular price $40.00

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